Covid-19 Update – 24 March 2020

We want to keep you informed about COVID-19, and our response.

Our priority is our Members’ health, and the health of our UniMed team.

Plan coverage

UniMed’s plans do not have any general exclusions for COVID-19. If a Member meets the eligibility requirements of their plan, they will be able to make a claim.

New Zealand’s public healthcare system provides acute care for all New Zealanders and treatment of COVID-19 will be managed by the public healthcare system. UniMed’s plans complement the public healthcare system.
This means, there is no cover for acute care but, depending on their plan and the Member’s particular medical situation, Members may have cover for conditions that develop as a result of COVID-19.

Service to Members

UniMed’s Membership Services Team is here to help, and answer any questions.

If Members have any queries about their cover, they should read their Benefit Schedule, Membership Certificate and Conditions of Membership for the full policy terms and conditions. They can find the Conditions of Membership here. They can also log onto their on-line portal My UniMed.

For any other questions, Members can contact us at;

Membership Services team
Claims Team
Accounts Team

Or send us a message via the website. As our team will be working from home, our quickest point of contact will be by email or via our website.

Did you post something to us?

NZ Post will not be delivering mail to UniMed Head Office and this will be held for at least 4 weeks or until deliveries are able to resume. Please rest assured that all mail is secure and will be processed as soon as they are released to UniMed.

Should you need to submit another claim, please visit the website and follow through the claiming process. If you posted a cheque for your premium, please email

Health advice

Please check the New Zealand Ministry of Health website
novel-coronavirus) for more information on prevention and treatment of COVID-19. That website also contains details of a dedicated 0800 number for COVID-19 health advice and information.

UniMed’s approach to COVID-19

In these strange times, we at UniMed will be doing everything we can to provide support and assistance to our members. Our service levels may however be not quite as prompt as you are used to, but we will be working hard to support members.

If you have any questions, please contact us via


Dermot Martin
Chief Executive

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