Why doesn’t the premium credit take into consideration how many years I have been a member?

The premium credit takes into account the surplus funds resulting from cancelled claims during the lockdown period. It is a very specific response to a unique situation.

These claims’ savings are not determined by how many years members have been with UniMed, but rather who was a contributing member during the lockdown.

Why are premiums increasing for some members now?

The short-term reduction in claims (due to COVID – 19) is being addressed directly through our support package for members. This includes new benefits, targeted assistance and the premium credit.
Freezing premium increases would only benefit those members who have premium increases due in the coming months. It benefits some members and not others. The premium credit benefits all those paying premiums. This is a fairer approach.
The current situation is temporary. Once it is over, we expect to see members claiming as they did before. This means that premiums need to reflect the rising cost of medical and surgical treatment and our wider health needs as we age.

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