Business benefits

Give your business the edge

Employee health insurance schemes are not just for the biggest companies; many SME businesses realise the importance of providing their employees with health insurance and the advantages doing so provides.

Why an employer-provided health insurance scheme?

Providing a workplace health insurance scheme for employees will not only be giving your employees the personal advantages of health insurance, but will also provide tangible benefits for your company.

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Productivity Gains

Minimising downtime

Healthy employees have fewer sick days, reducing downtime.

Employees are not distracted by health concerns and issues.

Employees can work to their full capacity.

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Changing Your Plan

Attract and retain staff

Providing health insurance as an employee benefit demonstrates the high value you place on your employees.

Rewarding and retaining staff reduces disruption of employee turnover.

Attract high performing staff with a competitive employee benefit package.

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Member Self-Service

24/7 access to your policy information

Find out more about our Member Self-Service area where you can access your own policy information, submit claims and request changes at your own convenience.

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