Types of Schemes

There are two main types of group schemes:

A Subsidised group – where the premiums for the employees (and sometimes their families) is paid in full or partially by the employer. When an employer fully subsidises a health insurance plan for all employees or all employees and family members, we can offer our most attractive terms (discounts and cover for pre-existing conditions).

A Voluntary group – where the employer allows UniMed to promote health insurance plans to its employees at a discounted rate, but does not pay any of the premiums. These schemes have lower employee participation than subsidised schemes which means that the benefits for employers are less (lower impact on reducing absenteeism and improving productivity)

Why subsidise?

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Better for your business

Improved productivity

Subsidy means more staff take up health insurance and have access to treatment when they need it. If pre-existing medical conditions are covered some staff will be able to seek treatment for current health problems. This means that a subsidised scheme offers better benefits to your business than a voluntary scheme.

Better for your staff

Improved wellbeing

A subsidy makes health insurance affordable for staff and their families. A full or partial subsidy from an employer means that staff have less (or nothing) to pay to access health insurance for themselves and their families. Without a subsidy, some staff could not afford health insurance.

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Better for you both

Our best deal

When you subsidise we offer you the best deal possible, depending on how many staff are subsidised (and the level of subsidy offered).  This includes discounted premiums and cover for pre-existing medical conditions. Staff can also access discounted premiums when they upgrade their plan or add family members.  These benefits are only available in subsidised schemes.

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Most extensive plan, popular for subsidised executive groups

Please have a look at the other information in the employer section on this web-site. If you need further information or would like a quote for your group scheme please:
Email at sales@unimed.co.nz. We will reply to emails by the end of the next working day; or
Phone 0800 600 666 and select option 3, from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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