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Health Positive

Our HealthPositive plan reimburses you for day to day health expenses, from just $5.37 per week.

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What do I do?

Do you need to make a claim? Sometimes you may need prior-approval before you start your treatment.

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quotemarksPlease accept my heart-felt thanks for the excellent service you provide to your customers. Your prompt service with understanding helped me tremendously in reducing the anxiety and stress of the surgery.

quotemarksI would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to your staff for treating me like a valued customer rather than a number. I truly felt your staff had taken my specific circumstances into account (which I wasn’t expecting), and went in to bat for me, which has clearly been the case with such an excellent outcome.

quotemarksMany thanks for prompt response – markedly better than a number of other companies.

Many, many thanks for your patience, understanding and time you have given us during this process. We have appreciated you ALOT.

I wish all of the other Insurance companies were as great to deal with.

While no-one wants to be a high user of medical insurance, I am very aware that is what I am and I am very grateful to UniMed for continuing to meet my medical costs.