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UniMed – one of NZ’s top four health insurance companies

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Big Four

Big Four

Despite our relatively low profile, you may be surprised to learn that we’re one of the top four health insurers in New Zealand, and the second most popular choice for employer-based health insurance schemes. We provide health insurance for a number of New Zealand’s largest and most successful businesses in addition to several hundred small-to-medium-sized companies.


Competitive Premiums

Competitive Premiums

We are low-key, and low cost compared with other top health insurance companies, and, because we are a pure Kiwi, not-for-profit mutual society, there are no shareholders in New Zealand or overseas, so no expectations of large profits to pay dividends. It’s this, together with an understated marketing approach, which leaves more money to pay out in work health insurance claims to you, our members.

Excellence In Customer Service

Excellence in customer service

Being low-key doesn’t mean we compromise on service. In fact, our small size and membership-based structure mean that looking after our members is our #1 priority and we have flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of our membership. You’ll enjoy a fast claims turnaround, with most standard claims being processed within 2 days of receipt, and prior approval issued for non-complex surgical procedures within 2-3 days of us receiving all necessary information.

Members First

Members first

Some health insurers seem to be always looking for ways to decline claims. Others try to approve so many that their reserves become depleted. At UniMed we aim to pay claims worth 85-88 cents in every dollar of premium we receive. We run our operations efficiently and cost effectively, whilst still providing a high level of service. Each year we place any surplus into reserves for the long term and to weather any future unexpected adverse claims results. As a not for profit we don’t have shareholders expecting a return and so our priority is our members’ health, not shareholder wealth!

Here For The Long Haul

Here for the long haul

It’s always a hassle to chop and change between health insurance companies and often doing so means losing cover for existing medical conditions. So it’s comforting to know that UniMed has an A (Excellent) financial strength rating from AM Best. Through a commitment to keeping overheads low and our marketing low-key, we return more money to members through claims, while still retaining a healthy reserve. That means that, even if we stopped receiving premiums, we could pay out on all claims at similar levels for the next 18 months.

Focused On Service Excellence

Focused on service excellence

Enjoy great service from UniMed’s regional team of Account Managers assigned to provide local service to Members of work health insurance schemes and a toll-free customer service centre, available to provide any further assistance to all Members.