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It’s the moment of truth when you come to claim on your health insurance policy. We understand this and that’s why we strive to provide supportive and empathetic assistance with your claim as you seek healthcare treatment included in your cover.  This means you can focus on getting well.

Give us a call

Our Claims Team works 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can call them to enquire about your level of cover, to seek prior approval or to enquire about a claim you have already submitted. The Claims Team can be reached on 0800 600 666 by selecting option 2.

Email us

You can also contact the team by email and we will reply within two working days.  Email

To make the process of claiming go as smoothly as possible our How to Claim page walks you through each step in the process from the moment you start to feel unwell and visit your GP. You can download the necessary documents and forms or complete a form and upload your medical reports and invoices.

When ACC Is Involved

When ACC is involved

Health insurance is designed to work alongside ACC. If you require treatment due to an injury or possible injury please read the Working Alongside ACC page so you understand the rules and requirements for claiming.

Eligible Treatment And Eligible Medical Conditions

Eligible Treatment and Eligible Medical Conditions

Not all medical conditions and healthcare services and treatments are eligible for cover under UniMed’s health insurance plans.  Please refer to the Eligible Treatment and Medical Conditions page  to understand the criteria.

Claims Turnaround Times

Claims Turnaround Times

We understand the importance of a quick response to your claims. That’s why our team works hard to:

  • reimburse claims you have already paid within 2 business days of receiving the paperwork – if you provide a bank account number too you will receive payment the same day we process your claim
  • issue prior approval for non-complex treatments and surgeries within 3 business days of receiving the paperwork
  • respond to general claims’ enquiries on the first phone call
  • reply to general claims’ emails on the same or next business day
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Further information

The information on this website is intended as a general guide. Please read your Benefit Schedule, Membership Certificate and Conditions of Membership for the full terms and conditions of your policy.