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Our Fulton Hogan Members can continue to login to their Member Portal to submit new claims.

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UniMed Members can now register for Smart Claim, our simple, secure and fast way to request prior approval or reimbursements for claims costs.

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Download a claim form

Want to claim the old-fashioned way? You can still download a claim form and email it back us at when you're finished.

Note, you must download the form first before filling it out, save it and then send it back to us. 

Prior Approval form

Claim Reimbursement form

* Some devices may require an application that supports editing PDFs such as Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to complete the forms online.

Claims made simple

Learn more about the upcoming Smart Claim enhancements that will simplify your claims process, saving you time and ensuring faster reimbursement.

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For more information on how to register for and make a claim using Smart Claim, please view our FAQs.

Alternatively, you can make a claim by completing a digital form and email it back us at

Smart tips

  • For step-by-step instructions on how to claim using our Smart Claim forms, please read this document.
  • If you’re using an Apple device, make sure you are using Google Chrome rather than Safari when setting up your account.
  • Make sure the browser you are using (ideally Google Chrome) is the most up-to-date version – this will speed up the time it takes to register and submit a claim.
  • To make a Smart Claim, you’ll need to upload digital photos or scanned copies of your invoice or receipts. Please make sure all your files loaded (in total) don't exceed the 15MB limit. Accepted file types include jpg, pdf, png, gif, tiff, xlsx or docx files. We strongly recommend that you convert your documents to PDF files before uploading.

UniMed and ACC

As a New Zealand resident, you can access health services through the public health system and ACC. If you have an accident or injury and need treatment, or need further treatment in relation to a previous injury, you are required to make a claim with ACC first. Your Health Plan only applies for top-up payments or where ACC has declined your claim.

Learn more about ACC claims