This month we'll be adding more improvements to our Smart Claim system. 

Save your claim as a draft and come back to it later

You'll be able to save your health insurance claim in Smart Claim so you can come back to complete it at a more convenient time.

How will it work? Just hit the Save as Draft button. Your claim will be saved for 30 days. To edit or complete a claim simply locate it in the draft claims area and hit the continue button. Please note that you will need to complete your claim and click submit before we can process it.

This function will not only help your claim be processed more quickly but it’ll also save you time.


Screenshot 1 – You can now save a claim as a draft while completing the form.

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Screenshot 2 - Alternatively, you can also save it as a draft at the end of the form.



Screenshot 3 – If you have one or more draft claims, you can easily view them on the page after logging in. They will be listed in date order with the most recent one at the bottom.

2. Have multiple policies with us?

You'll be soon able to select the specific policy you are claiming against. When you’re preparing a claim, simply select the policy from the drop-down list before starting your claim. Choosing the right policy from the start will improve how quickly we can process your claim. Please note if you only have one policy with us, your policy will automatically be selected for you. 

Screenshot 4 - If you have multiple policies with UniMed, click the new menu to choose the policy for your claim.

We hope you find these improvements helpful when making your next claim. If you have any questions, please reach out to our teams at or 0800 600 666.