Change My Plan

Keeping pace with your needs and budget

We recognise that circumstances change and you might want to make changes to your health insurance cover. You might wish to claim for a wider range of healthcare treatments, or increase your benefit limits. Alternatively, you might decide you need less cover in order to reduce your premiums.

Making changes to your level of cover is easy to do but there are some important considerations, especially in relation to your pre-existing medical conditions.

Upgrading your plan

In the simplest terms, an upgrade in plan is when you increase the limit for surgical benefits or add on cover for specialists and tests.

  • We will ask you to complete a medical declaration so we can understand the medical conditions which have arisen since you first took out your policy with us, or any symptoms you have started to experience.
  • If you decide to upgrade your plan then you will retain cover for these existing medical conditions at the benefit limits of your previous plan, and only conditions which arise after you upgrade will be covered to the new higher plan limits.
  • If you had exclusions or endorsements on your previous plan, these will continue to apply under the new plan.

Reducing your cover

When you reduce your cover (or downgrade your plan) you will only be able to claim up to the benefit limits of the new plan, whether for new conditions or conditions you already had cover for.

  • Any exclusions or endorsements on your old plan will continue.
  • It is very important to be aware that if you downgrade your plan and later choose to upgrade again, you will still have to complete a medical declaration and you will not be able to return to the same level of cover as you had before downgrading. Therefore, the decision to downgrade is one to be made very carefully.

Affordable Options

Most of our plans offer a choice of excesses that can reduce your premium. The highest excess ($3,000) can save you as much as 35% off your premium!

  • Other ways to reduce premiums include removing modules covering out of pocket expenses, or switching to a plan with a co-payment.

We would be happy to discuss the different options available to you and to help you find a way to keep your cover.

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Important Information!

Before cancelling your health insurance, make sure to review all of your options. If you cancel and subsequently re-join UniMed or take out a policy with another insurer, you may find that you don’t have cover for medical conditions that were previously insured.