Why choose UniMed?

Unlike some health insurers we are not particularly well known. That’s because we prefer to focus on looking after our group schemes and members rather than talking about what we do.

We are privileged to manage more than 400 employer group schemes covering over 40,000 staff and family members. We respect that our customers have a choice, so we are committed to providing many good reasons to choose UniMed.

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Affordable options

Entry points for subsidy

There are a range of health insurance options that provide affordable entry points for employer subsidy. We offer competitive premiums and joining concessions.

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Very capable of managing your scheme

With over 30 years’ experience in New Zealand we are now one of the largest providers of employment-based group schemes. We have over 400 schemes covering a range of businesses (size, industry and location). This means that you can have confidence that we have the experience to manage your group scheme.


Your partner for the future

A strong financial position with an A (Excellent) Financial Strength Rating from AM Best. Efficient administration – low operating expenses. Not-for-profit – surpluses are used to offset premium increases and reinvested to benefit members.
Excellent claims turnaround – averaging 2-3 working days for most claims.

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It’s easy to switch

Make the transition to UniMed

For employers who have an existing scheme we make the transition easy. Your Account Manager can discuss exactly how this could work for your scheme and we have a team in place ready to run this process for you. To make the transition easy, we can offer “no worse underwriting terms” so that your employees do not lose cover for medical conditions they are already aware of or have experienced.

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Need more information?

Please have a look at the other information in the employer section on this web-site. If you need further information or would like a quote for your group scheme please:
Email at sales@unimed.co.nz. We will reply to emails by the end of the next working day; or
Phone 0800 600 666 and select option 3, from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.