Balanced care

Get up to $10,000* of benefits each year, from just $5.75 per week**

50% or 80% reimbursement of the eligible treatment costs up to the stated maximums, subject to waiting periods and the policy terms and conditions. Please refer to the Health Positive benefit sheet for details of the cover available.

Important information

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* This is the sum of all benefit maximums included in the Health Positive plan and represents the maximum amount members can claim in one year. It does not include benefit maximums for wisdom teeth extraction, orthodontics and other loyalty benefits.

** This is the weekly premium paid by a member aged 39 or under who holds the Health Positive 50% plan.

*** Subject to UniMed’s policy terms and conditions (the Conditions of Membership) which lists exclusions and limitations. Please refer to the benefit schedule for the waiting periods.

Although the UniMed Health Positive plan includes registered specialist consultations on referral from a GP and diagnostic investigations on referral from a specialist, it excludes major surgery, hospital visits or healthcare services performed in the specialist’s rooms. If you are interested in cover for surgery and related costs we can discuss our other plans with you; call 0800 600 666.

Cover for pre-existing conditions is included and we don’t require you to provide details of your medical history. If you choose to upgrade to a UniMed surgical plan you will need to complete a full medical declaration relating to medical conditions and your medical history at the time of the upgrade.

If you choose to upgrade from the 50% plan to the 80%, the stand down periods will start again and the higher level of cover will apply at the end of the stand down period. During the new stand down periods you will remain at 50% cover.

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Terms and conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in the benefit schedule, please also read the UniMed Conditions of Membership. Personal exclusions relating to pre-existing conditions may also apply and these will be noted on your UniMed Membership Certificate following application.