Health cover for life

Hospital Select is a popular choice for employers who can elect to subsidise the base plan. Employees can then add family members and choose additional cover building a health plan to best suit their needs.

Hospital Select works well for people who are not part of a group scheme and want cover for major unexpected health costs plus options to help pay for routine health treatments.

Hospital Select can also help you to manage your regular health bills through add on options like day to day treatment, dental and vision care, specialist and natural health.

Important information

Some benefit limits do apply. Please refer to the Hospital Select benefit sheet for details of the cover available including any specific limitations, rules or requirements for each benefit. A list of the surgical procedures included for cover can be found in the List of Approved Surgical Procedures which is updated from time to time. (note that personal exclusions relating to pre-existing conditions still apply).

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Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions outlined in the Hospital Select benefit schedule, please also read the UniMed Conditions of Membership. Personal exclusions relating to pre-existing conditions may also apply and these will be noted on your UniMed Membership Certificate following application.