Managing your Health Plan

If your circumstances have changed and you would like to talk through your health and wellbeing options, please contact us on 0800 600 666. We’re here to help.

Want to switch Health Plans?

We can help manage your Health Plan, including changing your Health Plan, adding or removing people from your Health Plan, or updating your contact details.

Our team can also help if you leave your employer’s scheme so that you can retain your cover and discounted subscription costs.

Contact the Membership Services Team by email or call 0800 600 666.

from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Vulnerable Members

Are you living alone or in vulnerable circumstances?

If you live alone, are in vulnerable circumstances or just need some help managing your health cover, now is a good time for you to appoint a family member or friend as an ‘authorised person’ on your Health Plan.

An authorised person can contact UniMed on your behalf to discuss your Health Plan.

To add (or change) an authorised person, you can either email or phone us on 0800 600 666.

If emailing, please include your Member number, the authorised person’s name, email address and a contact phone number for them.


We want you to know that we value you and your Membership with us. We understand circumstances can change. We’re here to support you and your health and well-being needs. What can we do to make you stay? Contact us by email or phone 0800 600 666 to talk through our health and wellbeing options to suit your lifestyle and budget. We’re here to help if you have any concerns or questions.