April 2024 Update

We are thrilled to announce the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has approved the proposal to transfer Accuro operations and insurance portfolio to UniMed. This is the final regulatory step in the transfer process and UniMed and Accuro will now begin to work on the finer details of the transfer.

What does this mean for members?
For UniMed members, the transfer will have no impact on the service you receive or your current policy, cover, or benefits.

What are the next steps in this process?
UniMed and Accuro have begun working through how and when the transfer will take place. We will continue to keep you updated here.

What was proposed?
Since UniMed was created in 1979, our organisation has been focussed on growing the positive impact we have on the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. As part of our strategic growth plans, our Board proposed to combine the UniMed and Accuro (Accuro Health Insurance Society Limited) memberships. The proposal has been approved by the Accuro membership as per the Society’s Rules and most recently approved by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand – the final step in the regulatory transfer process.

Like UniMed, Accuro is a not-for-profit mutual society, and we share a focus on keeping people in lifelong good health. We believe this transfer will not only help us continue delivering that promise, but also provide more opportunities to meet your health needs now and into the future. 

Please note that the process of transferring Accuro members to UniMed will not affect your current health cover with UniMed and you will continue to receive the same cover and benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions: Proposal to Combine UniMed and Accuro