My UniMed

UniMed’s Online Self Service for Members

At UniMed, we appreciate that not all our members are able to contact us during business hours, and that sometimes you just need to know information about your policy there and then. We’ve created the My UniMed online self service so that not only can you view your policy details, but you can lodge claims or seek prior approval for treatment, and carry out various administrative changes on your policy.

If you already have a log in, please access My UniMed using the link top right of your screen. If you’re a UniMed member and don’t yet have a log in, please fill out this form and we will send you an email link within two business days.

My Details

for the primary member

View and update the contact details we have on file for you. Change your preferred communication method from post to email to get your policy communications faster.

My Policy

view high level information

View your policy details – the plan you hold, recent changes made to your policy, the names of people on your policy and your membership number. Access a library of documentation provided to you about your policy.

My Payments

what you pay, when and for whom

View the method and frequency of your premium payments and the date of the next payment. View a summary of the premium broken down by plan and person on the policy.

My Requests

make requests for changes or information

Securely lodge a request for changes to your plan, payment method or frequency, people covered on your policy or other enquiry. Request copies of documents not stored in the self service. Request a prior approval or lodge a claim for reimbursement. Request a call-back from UniMed at a time convenient to you.

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Request a log in for access to your policy on My UniMed

Fill in this form and we will send you an email with a link to create your account within two business days. If you don’t have your member number, you can find it in the reference field on any letter we have sent to you, or give us a call on 0800 600 666 during office hours.


If you have recently filled out an application form to join UniMed and provided us with your email address, we will have sent you an invitation to join.

Similarly, we will be emailing all our current members for whom we have email addresses with the invitation to join.

The invitation email does not have UniMed’s logo and is in plain grey text. It was sent from the email address XXX and contains a link to our website sign up page.

If you are unsure about the email you can contact us by phone (0800 600 666) or using the Contact Us part of this website to double check the email is legitimate. Please provide us with your full name and membership number and we will get back to you on the next business day.

We will never ask you for your password in any email.

We are sending sign up invitation emails to members for whom we have email addresses. This will be done gradually over the period May to July 2018, and at time of starting the policy for new members who join after May 2018.

If you didn’t give us an email address you can do so through the Contact Us page of this website and we will send you an invitation email.

There is only one sign in per policy and we will send this to the email address we have registered against the policy.

There are no rules for the format of your username, but you cannot choose a username that someone else has already selected. We suggest you choose something that you will remember but that is not too complicated! If you forget your username, we can let you know what it is, but you won’t be able to change it in the future.

We ask for your Date of Birth (DOB) to validate that this is you when you sign up for My UniMed. The DOB you need to enter is the one for the Primary Member – that is, the person whose name the policy is in.

If you are entering this and still having issues, please call us during business hours so we can ensure that we have the correct DOB in our system. (We will validate your identity before making any updates)

Unlike the username, there are rules for the format of your password. Please make sure that you have chosen a password that is at least 8 characters long, and includes at least one lower case letter, one upper case letter and one number.

We can remind you of your username but as security is important to us you will need to telephone us during business hours and go through an identity validation before we can give it to you. You can email us with a contact number and time to call you if you prefer and we can carry out the identity validation then.

At the log in page there is a link to reset your password. Click on this and you will be presented with a new page to reset your password. You will need your username and DOB to do this and your password should follow the rules for format (more than 8 characters, and including at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and a number).

If you continue to have issues, please send us an email including your contact number and we will phone to help you on the next business day.

If you enter an incorrect username and password combination three times in succession you will be locked out for 20 minutes. Once that time is passed you can try again.

Please go to the My Requests section of My UniMed and then make a request as either a General Enquiry or a Change Policy enquiry. Please provide details of what you think is incorrect and we will get back to you within two business days to address your concerns.

My UniMed displays information that is correct on the day you are looking at it. So if you have just made a change to your policy but the effective date of the change is in the future, My UniMed will not display the new details until they have taken effect.

You can only upload files of type PDF, JPEG. If you are trying to upload a document in another format you will have to save it as a PDF first before uploading it.

The maximum file size per submission or request is 10MB. If you need to upload more than this you should make multiple submissions or requests and make a note in each that they are linked.

Privacy of information is very important to UniMed and so we decided that claims and prior approvals that will contain medical information will not be visible in My UniMed. This is because the information could be confidential to a different person on the policy than the person who uses My UniMed.

My UniMed only displays the premium that we collect from each member. So if your employer pays all of your premium there will be no figure displayed. If your employer pays some of the premium and collects your contribution by wage deduction, you will also not have a figure displayed. If your employer pays some of the premium and you pay your contribution by direct debit (or recurring credit card), then only your contribution will be displayed.

Although we endeavour to process your request on the next business day, sometimes at busy periods administrative and premium requests can take 2 business days, and some prior approval requests can take 3 business days if they are complex. Please allow this processing time for us to action your request.

You can check the My Policy section of My UniMed and click View Documentation and all administration and premium letters will be stored here. If there is no letter here after 3 business days, please contact us by phone or via the Contact Us page of the UniMed website.

Claims and Prior Approvals letters will not be stored in My UniMed and to follow claims related requests up you will need to contact us.

This will only happen if you were the Primary Member on that policy and also on your current policy and we have linked your old policy details to your current policy details. When we have done this, you will be able to view the details of your old policy, but you won’t be able to perform any activities or transactions for that old policy in the My Requests section of My UniMed.

The linking of policies was an old business process that we don’t do anymore, which is why you might not see an old policy details.

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case:

  • You left an employer scheme and we set up a new membership number for your current policy
  • You used to be on another person’s policy and we gave you a new membership number when you moved onto your own policy
  • You made changes to your cover and when that happened we gave you a new membership number
  • You used to be insured with a different insurer and UniMed took over the management of those policies

The important thing to know is that we have records that enable us to know how long you have been a UniMed member, or insured with UniMed or a previous insurer we took over. You won’t miss out on loyalty benefits or any other benefit of being a long-tenure member.

This relates to some of our employer schemes and the way the administration settings have been created. We are phasing this out.

You should not be alarmed and this will not affect the level of cover that you have.

If you set up My UniMed before cancelling your policy this is normal and allows you to view your historical policy information. You won’t be able to make changes or carry out any transactions in My Requests.

If you wish to join UniMed again, please use the Contact Us part of the UniMed website to provide your details and we would be pleased to talk you through the options.